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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Launch of Talk Digital

Every so often, I'm afforded the opportunity to learn something new - and I get very excited about this. One of the questions I get asked on occasion is about podcasting - and while I have a fundamental knowledge of the component parts of this - I had never actually done it. So, I started researching this. What would I need? - what equipment? - where can you upload it? - how do you publish it? Can you do it on £0-minimum budget? The answers to these questions and much much more are answered in my new weekly podcast, #TalkDigital.

I've asked Nicola Jayne Little from Digital Sparkles if she'd like to be my co-host because I think it would be easier and more entertaining if there's another personality on 'the show' - and we've both been having a lot of fun with it so far - it's a learning curve for us (and some of the bloopers - which hopefully won't ever see the light of day - have been entertaining 😂). So if this sounds like a journey you want to be on, then join me and Nicola each week as she and I, Talk Digital.

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